Grid tie solar systems and On-grid systems are the same mostly used by businesses and homes. In this system battery storage is not required and these systems are directly connected
to the public electricity grid. Solar power generated by the ongrid system that is not used in home directly export to the electricity grid and the owner get paid for the exported energy through FIT (Feed-in-tariff)
Grid-tied, on-grid, utility-interactive are all terms used to describe the same concept-a solar system that is connected to the utility power grid. Electricity generated during daytime is consumed and excess units are exported back to the Grid.
During nights when solar is not available, power will be drawn from the Grid

  • 1.Save a lot on your electricity bills. also sell the excess units generated to the Grid by Net Metering.
  • 2.No amount of electricity generated is getting wasted. It is either consumed or exported to the Grid.
  • 3.Easy to design and install.
  • 4.Minimum maintenance.

How it works ?

In an on-grid system, after reaching the electricity to the switchboard the meter calculates the power that how much power is exporting and importing. Metering system works different according to that area. Electricity that is exporting to the public electricity grid can be consumed by the other consumers on the grid. In case the solar system is not working or not producing enough power as per the requirement of the owner in that condition owner of the on grid power plant will start consuming or importing the electricity for the grid